Flowee the Hub — API documentation

Example Message

Example Message: Version (+ reply)

The version message is a request, the versionReply is the reply.

Requesting a version is essentially as simple as sending an empty message (no body) to the right service and with the right messageId.

MesageSize: 70x0700
ServiceId: 1positive-intAPIservice: 00x0800
MessageId: 1positive-intMeta::Version: 00x1000
End-Header: 0boolean-true0x04

Answer is equally simple, except that it has an actual value with a string representation of the version.

MesageSize: 280x1c00
ServiceId: 1positive-intAPIservice: 00x0800
MessageId: 1positive-intMeta::VersionReply: 10x1001
End-Header: 0boolean-true0x04
Meta::GenericBytes: 0string: "Flowee:1 (2019-4.1)"0x0A13466C6F7765653A31 2028323031392D342E3129