Flowee the Hub — API documentation

Service/Hub Control

HUB API Service

This service, with service-id 0, is probably easiest to explain as it being a meta service. The Hub has a set of standard services which are all grouped under the concept “API” (Application Programmer Interface). This, it should be stressed, does not cover the entire set of APIs in Flowee, or even in the Hub.

The list of services that are owned by the Hub API is the following:

API Service
0) A meta representing the Hubs API. If any command fails, you’ll get a message from this service.
BlockChain Service
1) Query the blockchain-database.
LiveTransaction Service
2) Retrieve or send current (not yet mined) transaction data.
Util Service
3) Generic utilities provided by the hub. For instance ‘CreateAddress’
Test Service
4) Local testing service. This is for a Hub running on a testing chain that is not typically shared with others and as such is possible to stay completely local and mining is always instant.

Please notice that a new connection to the Hub requires you to send a valid message to the APIs services within a couple of seconds or you will get disconnected. We suggest asking for the version.



Hub / API. sId=0 mId=0


The version string is essentially the same between the API and the on-the-net string. An example of this is “Flowee:1 (2019-4.1)”.

In more readable terms This is: {Name}:{API version} ({year}-{release}.{patch})

Hub / API. sId=0 mId=1
VersionString: 1stringVersion string


For any of the APIs (as listed at the top of this page) errors are registered and handled by this service. So a call to the Blockchain service will generate a reply of the following message if there was a failure.

Hub / API. sId=0 mId=2
FailedReason: 20stringError message
FailedCommandServiceId: 21natural-numberService ID of the command that failed
FailedCommandId: 22natural-numberMessage Id of the command that failed