About Flowee

We want to enable everyone to switch to peer to peer payments and kickstart a new economic freedom of the likes we have never seen before.

A peer to peer cash with payments without the need for a bank is widely seen as the most innovative and disruptive way forward for our society. The main problem we face today is that it is too hard to start participating in this new economy.

Flowee is a range of products that together form a platform and a series of end-user products which are completely free. Freedom to download, use or modify is what makes Flowee a platform for everyone. We want to enable people to use Bitcoin Cash in any way they see fit, build on our products or just download and run them to get their business started.

Flowee is being built to help you connect to the Bitcoin Cash network and handle all the validation, parsing and low level database access for all your Bitcoin needs.

The codebase is derived from the one that originally was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. This way you know you won’t get compatibility issues. Flowee adds innovation, greatly increased speed and reliability as well as the ability for scaling to much larger blocks than the competition.

To learn more about Bitcoin Cash, go to bitcoincashers.org

The products

Flowee Block Diagram

The central product in Flowee is the hub. It connects to the Bitcoin network and stays in sync with the latest payments.

The hub is written in C++ using modern technologies and architecture. This enables the hub to process an amazing transaction throughput on relatively modest hardware. A billion payments a day on a sub $1000 machine will be possible.

On top of Flowee the Hub we allow anyone to build applications, like our Flowee Cashier or a data-warehouse or just websites that show common Bitcoin data. The hub provides binary APIs optimised for high speed data-communication to access even the largest blocks in real time.

The modularisation of Flowee, with the Hub separate from external tools allows you to plug and play different components together. Do you want a log-manager to monitor all your running nodes? You can. Add a data-warehouse that allows fast access to any part of the historical chain, you can.

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