Flowee the Hub documentation

Flowee the Hub

Flowee the Hub is meant as the center of your setup. The hub validates all transactions before offering them to your systems, it acts like a firewall to keep you focused on only valid payment traffic. The hub provides this information as a stream, as it comes in, and the Hub keeps the full history of all payment data in its blockchain database.

The role of the Hub is at the same time the most boring part as well as the most essential. Here is what you gain from having one:

  • The Hub connects to the peer to peer network and finds Bitcoin Cash payment data to download and store.
  • All data entered is validated for correctness with hundreds of rules and strict cryptographic checks to make sure only the owners can move money.
  • The Hub provides the blockchain data as fast-access database to all of the other Flowee products.
  • Open source and available on codeberg