Flowee the Hub documentation


When you install the Hub via the downloadable packages (including AUR or PPA) you will be able to find your config file in /etc/flowee/flowee.conf, and your logfiles will be stored in /var/log/flowee/hub.log.

Please check the Docker image setup page if you run your Hub as a docker container.

The default setup runs the Hub as the flowee user from systemd. This has the advantage that the system will auto-start the Hub on boot and restart it should it be killed for some reason.

Config files in /etc/flowee/
the flowee.conf and logs.conf.
Data dir in /var/lib/flowee
The datadir contains the actual blockchain but also all temporary files as well as the ‘unspent’ database the Hub creates as it processes blocks.

The actual blocks (by far the most data) is stored in the subdir data and the UTXO is stored in the subdir unspent. If you have multiple drives it would be preferable to use a symlink to put those on different drives.

Cookie files in /etc/flowee/
Cookie files are auto-generated files used to allow users to run ‘hub-cli’. The simple setup is that all users on a system can read the files and they therefore can run the remote control command hub-cli.

Changing the /etc/flowee dir to no longer be world readable you can thus limit access to only users in the flowee group.