Flowee the Hub documentation


The hub has been tested on Linux systems, but should work on Windows or Mac, let us know how it works for you so we can update our docs.

The hub is build for massive scale, at the time of writing the raw blockchain is around 165 GB. This grows based on actual usage every year between 5 and 10GB.

Please expect at least 250 GB of disk space usage.

Memory-wise, a standard 8 GB machine should be enough, 16 GB is better.

For CPU, we require at least a 64-bit CPU, dual-core modern CPU. As the intention here is to build infrastructure that supports a business it is assumed that you have a higher-end desktop or server. Though development on an approx €1000 2019 AMD Lenovo laptop has no issues with even significant load.

It is better to have faster (access to) memory and SSD than it is to have a fast CPU. Flowee the Hub manages hundreds of gigabytes of data, anything that helps the CPU and network handle that fast is going to show in your overall performance.

Flowee the Hub requires a permanent and preferably unmetered internet connection in order to keep up-to-date.