Flowee the Hub documentation



In Flowee we have a logging framework which is useful for multiple purposes from developer (debugging) information to fault-finding and general operational monitoring.

Log Sections

The software developer writes code to log events and he has to choose a log-section. Similarly, the operator will choose which log-sections they are interested in.

Software with this line logCritical(Log::RPC) << "event"; will only log if the operator had selected an appropriate log-level for the RPC log-section.

Section number comment
Global 0 Group. For developers only.
Bitcoin 1000 Group.
BlockValidation 1001 Validation of blocks and updating the blockchain
TxValidation 1002 Transaction validation
Bench 1003 Benchmarking group
Unused 1004
Mining 1005
Networking 2000 Group.
Net 2001 The peer-2-peer networking
Addrman 2002 Address-manager. To remember possible peers.
Proxy 2003
NWM 2004 Network-Manager
Tor 2005
ThinBlocks 2006 x-thin-blocks processing.
ExpeditedBlocks 2007
RPC 2100 Group. Most of this is legacy
LibEvent 2101 for the http server which serves the RPC requests.
HTTP 2102
ZMQ 2103
ApiServer 2500 The Flowee specific APIs
MonitorService 2501 The network service for monitoring. (API)
DB 3000 Group. Internal databases
Coindb 3001 UTXO database
Internals 4000 Group.
Mempool 4001
MempoolRej 4002 Rejected mempoool entries
Random 4003 Random number generator
Wallet 5000 Group. Legacy wallet.
SelectCoins 5001
FeeEstimation 5002
QtGui 6000 Group, the qDebug output goes here.
POS 7000 Group

See also log-level guidelines & Configuration.