Not an ordinary wallet

It's really quite something

Jan 19, 2024

Flowee is proud to announce the January update of its wallet and payment product, Flowee Pay with a large number of fixes, improvements and polish.

With the new release, versioned at 2024.01.2, Pay is becoming really fast and useful on Android.

New approach, transactions remember creation time.

When a transaction is first created, we put a timestamp on it. Same with someone paying you, we put a timestamp on it. This is the most requested feature for Flowee Pay which before would wait until a block included the transaction before showing the block-time.

The new approach is expected to be much more intuitive to users and naturally we still give the ability to look up the block time it was included in on the transaction properties page.

Many network updates.

Flowee Pay is unique in that it uses the decentralized peer to peer network directly, this has many advantages for things like privacy and robustness. But some work on the networking was needed and we have spent a lot of time improving all sides the experience.

We now find peers much faster and more consistently due to various bugfixes and new features.
Transactions not yet mined are now re-submitted on application startup and again at every block that gets mined.
No system is perfect and rejections may happen, we now detect those much better and actually show this in the transaction list and handle this properly.

Various smaller features added:

  • Add Hausa (African) translations.
  • Add ability to use the camera and scan a private key on the import-wallet screen.
  • Actually really remove an already hidden ‘initial wallet’ after not seeing any activity for some weeks.
  • Improve net-view which shows peers we connect to.
  • Add a new screen for the net view to show the peer-statistics.

Desktop specific

  • Add ‘copy address’ menu option in the coin-selector.
  • Re-introduce blurring out the balance when user presses the ‘hide’ button.

Android specific

  • Make pressing ‘back’ when a popup is open (only) close the popup.
  • When IPv6 is available to Flowee Pay, enable connecting to peers on that network.
  • Make scanning QRs and (clipboard) pasting of addresses better. We now detect addresses also when they do not have the bitcoincash: prefix.
  • Fix pressing the ‘back’ button while or after camera usage to behave properly.
  • Fix issue that sometimes creating an extra wallet would select another existing one.
  • Add direct option to search for a transaction on blockchair from the transaction details screen.
  • Show an extra help button next to selected toggle-switches.
  • Fixup layout of showing the QR code from the address-list screen.
  • In the addresses- and-keys list, allow showing a QR of the private key.
  • On transaction properties screen: show some color animation when the TXID is copied to clipboard to give feedback.
  • Show the first used blockheight for a wallet on the backup screen.

Questions? Reach out on Twitter or Telegram.

Downloads and more Flowee Pay info can be found on the product page.