Could this become the face of Bitcoin Cash?

Setting the baseline of user friendliness

Bitcoin Cash has many advantages: it is fast, cheap, cross-border and can’t be censored. Flowee builds “Pay”, the user friendly interface to all that Bitcoin Cash goodness. Because we want it to become easy to get the best out of Bitcoin Cash.
People need some way to get access to everything that Bitcoin Cash can do. Flowee Pay can give them that in one simple app for their phone or tablet, avoiding confusion and annoyance of having to use too many apps or devices. Now they can have a full payment solution with just one Flowee Pay.

Flowee Pay is built on the libraries and foundations that stem back to the original Satoshi Bitcoin. Reusing Satoshi’s code, and sharing it with what miners run is the safest way to eliminate the possibility of becoming incompatible with the rest of the world. We stand on the proverbial shoulders of giants.

Flowee Pay is built with the principles of privacy and security at its roots, while marrying that with modern technologies that allow a great user experience across all platforms. Using one codebase we can deploy to Windows/Mac/Mobile. It will be secure and also fun to use on Linux Phone!

Companies wanting to exploit our growing market will be happy to learn that Flowee Pay is fully skinnable. One can replace just the logos and the naming, or they can go all the way and create a fully unique user experience with minimal efforts.

Security & Privacy

Flowee Pay has security and privacy as a cornerstone of the design. Unique and innovative solutions ensure strong compartmentalizing of your payment history. You can create a different account for different purposes and Pay will keep them separate. Separate for your usage, but more importantly separate to any observers.

More can be read in the Flowee Pay wiki

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