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Flowee Pay moving forward at speed

Jun 19, 2023

Flowee is proud to announce the June update of its wallet, Flowee Pay. This release is entirely focused on improving the Android experience.

With the June release, versioned at 2023.06.1, the Pay update for Android packs a punch with a list of new features and introducing its “modules” concept. Lets delve right in.

New feature, Instant Pay

Often requested, this is useful for mobile users that want to pay for their goods by scanning a QR code which represents a bill. Such a bill will not need payment confirmation (slide to pay) when the amount you are requested to pay is lower than a user-set value. For instance $40. This makes payment as simple as a quick scan and the wallet takes care of everything else.

The payment limits are set in fiat currencies, like USD or Euro and configured per wallet. So if you created a new wallet to pay the rent from you won’t accidentally instant pay from that.

New feature, archiving a wallet.

In Flowee Pay for Android you can create a number of wallets that you can seamlessly switch between. But sometimes you don’t want to use a wallet anymore. For instance when it’s empty. For that reason we now allow you to archive the wallet. Out of sight, out of mind.

New feature, private mode.

We all know the problem that comes with mobile phones, you sometimes let others see information on your phone and before you know it they start exploring the application.

For such cases we now provide a neat feature that gives you a bit of privacy in this modern world. You can mark an entire wallet as “private” and when you hand your phone over to your gran you quickly toggle private mode, hiding the payment history made with the temporarily invisible wallet.

Introducing modules.

On small devices like a phone it is difficult to keep a good balance between delivering a simple user interface and still wanting to make available useful features.

Flowee Pay already hides user interface components when they are not needed today, for instance when there is only one wallet it does not show the wallet-selector or wallet-name.

In this release we add the concept of ‘modules’ to solve this problem. A module is by default turned off and the user can go to the config and enable this feature which gives him a new option in the menu. The user can then enable modules at the pace they want and personalize the application to be as complex or as simple as they wish.

Today the only module we ship is the ‘Build Transactions" module. This module provides a new button in the send tab, and a couple of new pages where the user can do more advanced transaction building. For instance there you can add multiple destinations to a single transaction. This module is still under development and disabled by default. Go to the ‘Explore’ menu item to enable it. Afterwards on the send tab you can find the Build Transactions text-button.
Longer term the modules concept is meant to be used to make available more interesting aspects from Bitcoin Cash. A little application within the application. For more details see our wiki.

Various smaller features added:

  • We now have a ’torch’ button to turn on the camera light while scanning a QR.
  • Camera settings now try several different focus and whitebalance strategies and use the best that the camera firmware supports.
  • Allow scanning of the QR code for a wallet-seed, tested to work also on the biggest BCH wallet vendor.
  • Allow payment to an address from the clipboard with a new ‘paste’ button in payment.
  • The transaction-popup now shows which address we paid to.
  • Detect and show CashToken transactions that were sent to us.
  • Allow editing of the transaction comment (on transaction details page).
  • Show month names in the overview page using the local language.
  • Improve the “receive” tab, which makes it possible to enter amount and message for payment requests.


  • The message from a payment request (via a QR) now shows up in the transaction comment for both sender and receiver.
  • Some buttons no longer are black on a black background when using a darktheme.
  • Various improvements in importing of wallet (by seed) from the biggest BCH wallet vendor.
  • Fix some special icons not showing up by including our own font.
  • Massive amount of UI love and improvements.

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Downloads and more Flowee Pay info can be found on the product page.