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Adding Security features!

Jul 6, 2023

Flowee is proud to announce the July 2023 update of its wallet, Flowee Pay. This is a second release that is entirely focused on improving the Android experience.

Following the June release which introduced Instant-pay, wallet-archiving and private mode, just 3 weeks later we release a new stable version of Flowee Pay.

With this release, versioned at 2023.07.0, Pay adds a lot of user interface fixes and adds the hard needed option to allow people to set a password on their wallet.

Flowee Pay is available for Android via either direct APK download, or via the Google play store. Links are available on our product page.

Pay on Android

New feature, application-password.

We ourselves store real and actual money in Flowee Pay, plenty of people will do that too. And this means we should strive to keep it safe.

In a previous release we added a ‘private wallet’ concept which is great for users to hide, by default, their somewhat larger wallet and only have the daily-sending wallet. See how to do this on the wiki.

Today’s release we add the next level to keep your money safe: you can now set a PIN, or passphrase, on your wallet. Without your private PIN a person that takes your phone can’t do anything with the wallet.

Check the new menu option “Security” to set or remove the application PIN.

Various smaller features added

  • Updated translations from volunteers at Crowdin.
  • A new setting allows a wallet to have its balance excluded from the app-total for security and privacy reasons.
  • Show total amount of funds in the account selector, in case the user has more then one wallet.
  • An encrypted wallet can now be decrypted on open.
  • An encrypted wallet can now be decrypted when starting to pay.
  • The networking details (peers view) has moved to become a module, enable it under ’explore’ if you want to use it.


  • Moved over to the long term support of Qt: 6.5
  • Fix preedit typing problems. Now typing text in Android is instantly reflected in things like the QR.
  • Bug 19: entering numbers was broken for some locales.
  • Make the CHF currency work better for input.
  • Allow fiat prices of much larger amounts to be displayed correctly.
  • Fix crash on importing with invalid user input.
  • Make import page fully visible on some phones.
  • A large number of smaller fixes and tweaks.

Questions? Reach out on Twitter or Telegram.

Downloads and more info can be found on the product page, user manual is being created on our wiki.