pssst. Flowee Pay for Android is out!

Updates to Flowee Pay and others

May 8, 2023

Flowee is proud to announce the May 2023 release of Flowee libraries and applications, including our flagship wallet application Flowee Pay.

This is the first stable release since August 2022 and a lot has happened! We will describe the contents of this release first with the major changes next. Our future plans are described last.

The 2023.05.1 release includes:

  • The Flowee Libraries. This is a set of libraries of Bitcoin Cash specific functionality.
    The utils library contains a large number of cryptographic features, from the TransactionBuilder to cash-address conversions. We ship a p2p-lib, a UTXO-database in a library, a network manager and even a httpengine.

  • Various useful applications, from an indexer to the rest-service and naturally the Hub.
    While the node has not received its protocol upgrade to follow the BCH chain, we do keep maintaining the basic codebase and make sure that when the network is more ready for real scaling which is possible on Flowee, that these tools can become used again.

  • Flowee Pay. The cross-platform wallet and payment solution.
    This release introduces the Android version, which is based on a specific front-end titled “mobile”.

What we accomplished

Since the previous release of August 2022 a lot has happened.

First thing to highlights is the graphical applications use the Qt libraries, and we moved over to the series version 6 of Qt.
A very direct benefit is that Qt6 properly scales a user interface to the underlying graphics system. This means that we can design a form-factor like mobile once and it simply will look good on all hardware regardless on actual amount of pixels on that device.

More specifically, Flowee Pay has become even more cross-platform where 95% of the features can be fully developed on a laptop and typically no adjustments need to be made on the actual mobile hardware. It just looks good.

This brings us to the most exciting part of our release, Flowee Pay on desktop has received a sibling. Flowee Pay for Android is now available!

We choose the approach of having a new user interface for mobile on top of the existing application. This gives the users the best user experience and we keep the cost in development down by having purpose drive user interfaces.

Flowee Pay is the only wallet that focuses solely on Bitcoin Cash while at the same time having full releases for both desktop and mobile. Pay is also the wallet that uses the peer to peer network directly, which is the backend of Bitcoin Cash. This makes sure that your usage is practically impossible to ban, censor or spy upon.

What else?

This release of Flowee Pay finishes various projects which make the basis of Pay. Our basic ‘receiving’ has had a long overdue overhaul. More exciting is tied to the simple idea of creating transactions. Specifically what is all possible to do in the send-screen in a wallet.

The backend “Payment” and its associated “PaymentDetailInput” and “PaymentDetailOutput” build the basis that allows us to build any type of transaction. In short, it allows us to graduate from the sending of money to open up dozens of interesting ways to use Bitcoin Cash. Exploring territories that no end-user ready wallet has so far explored.

The future of Flowee Pay is very much going to be about what more people can do with Bitcoin Cash. The idea we have in Flowee Pay is that we want to add modules. Each module provides a specific product, and its user interface, in one neat package. To avoid the application becoming a nightmare to operate, those modules can be enabled only when the user wants to use them.

Two simple examples of modules: the ability to add comments in the blockchain (op-return). Second, a specific screen in the application that allows the user to select a document and create a proof- of-existence of that document and timestamp it like any notary could, but for practically free.

Maybe a bit more complex example: a concert ticket is made into an NFT. It has one of the standard contracts associated with it and the wallet notices the incoming transaction belonging to the ’ticketing’ module. So it enables the module to show the tickets owned by the user. The module allows things like reselling according to the rules of the contract and naturally it shows a QR code which represents the concert-ticket to get access at the door.
The user is free to disable the module afterwards so it doesn’t take up UI space.

Flowee Pay Android is considered stable.

We thank the many people that participated in the beta testing, it was extremely useful.

People can download the Android version from the product page here, the download box is at the bottom.

We hope you have as much fun as we had making it!

We still have a couple of known issues, nothing major but worth noting.

  • The camera aspect-ratio isn’t always proper and the display may look weird.
    This is fixed in the library we use for this and we should get that update soon.

  • On Android the user input from the on-screen keyboard behaves a bit weird. This is reported and the upstream library (Qt) is working on a fix.

Questions? Reach out on Twitter or Telegram.