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do the things you do best, let flowee do the rest

We provide the tools for you to use Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash enables instant, worldwide, nearly free and censor-free payments between individuals.

Bitcoin Cash can be overwhelming. It is a new money with new possibilities. The ability to transfer value is well known, what is less known is how to actually accept those payments fast and low risk.

Flowee provides applications, web-services and programming interfaces that give you access to a large range of Bitcoin Cash features.

Join the Bitcoin Cash network and pick your set of Flowee applications to get on the network.

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our applications

keep the flow going

A payment solution, a wallet, a basis for your new product. But currently just a desktop wallet.

You prefer JS? You like to explore the blockchain? FloweeJS gives you powerful tools to search the chain and naturally to create and send transactions.

Fulcrum is your server that provides Blockchain data to your applications, webapps and SPV wallets.

The Indexer is your librarian effortlessly cataloging the worlds transaction data to allow you to use the Blockchain without the long searches for just the data that drives you.

You build most of your infrastructure around the hub, a full node that validates the Blockchain for your business.

Test your application and services safely with massive amounts of transactions