A little about what we want to accomplish

Flowee is a bitcoin cash project

Bitcoin Cash is a peer to peer payment method. This puts it at head to head with conventional currencies that are given value by governments. The value of the mentioned fiat or fiduciary money is based on trust in the issuer, typically a country.

Bitcoin Cash does not require a clearing house or any sort of 3rd party to validate or back the transaction between two parties. It allows for near instant, practically free and borderless payments which cannot be stopped by governments or industry. Payments quickly become immutable and irreversible. Bitcoin Cash was originally invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

The Flowee Mission

Flowee is a family of products and our goal is to move the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy.

Bitcoin Cash is uncensorable money. The benefit this provides is free and open transfer of value.

The ability to store your money on a mobile or otherwise widely available hardware allows a much wider group of people to be the masters of their own money. From the many unbanked, the suppressed, the people part of some types of regimes and the rest of us. We all benefit from more economic freedom.

Bitcoin Cash is an experiment on how we can take back the power over our money and firmly keep it in the hands of the people. The rich and powerful do not have power over how Bitcoin Cash is used between private individuals.

We work from the base belief that a Bitcoin Cash based economy will benefit everyone in the world.

Flowee is a family of products

Flowee has one mission that all its products share. The result is a family of products that glue together well.

Our products are meant to be the infrastructure for Bitcoin Cash. We build the roads across the wilderness so makers can reach all the exciting destinations with much less fuss.

Our products all share the same building blocks, the Flowee libraries. These libraries are directly descended from the ones built in the Satoshi client first released in 2009. This guarantees maximum compatibility with the rest of the network and minimizes loss of time and funds due to incompatibilities.

Each product we add extends the whole because they work closely together. What this means in practice is that most products simply reuse the core components, like the Hub.

As you start to use more products you save the time and effort of setting up and maintaining similar but different products. And less important, but relevant, you also save on server space.

Products talk with each other over the network, typically a LAN. This has the advantage that Flowee, as a solution, grows any way you want it to. You can have everything on one big machine. But you can also have 10 cheap boxes that each run a component with fail over solutions.

Combining various Flowee products increases the usefulness in easy to setup and maintain chunks. Each application adds to your cloud.