The core of your Flowee infastructure

A cryptographically-safe firewall and a database in one

This is the Hub. A source of Bitcoin Cash truth with industrial strength cryptography to validate transactions coming in from all over the world and provider of super fast access to big data.

The entire history of Bitcoin Cash transaction data is stored in the Hub and made available for access via its network APIs. This is ideal for any type of research, or simply for fetching a transaction or block.

Flowee the Hub has a smart API for accessing the historical data. Transactions can be fetched completely, or the Hub can pre-filter to only give parts of a transaction. For instance only the outputs or even only the amounts paid. Saving bandwidth and this also means your application can focus on just using the data you want, saving you from understanding raw Blockchain data yourself.

We have scaled the Hub up to 250MB blocks where it was both fast and correct, making the Hub a future-safe solution. Knowing your tools are expecting Bitcoin Cash to grow massively in usage just makes it a better choice.

The database from The Hub is a so-called no-SQL database. Usage of Flowee Indexer speeds up the lookup capabilities for common requests. The API for the Hub is geared strongly towards searching for data and most of the other Flowee Products will help you access the data in more familiar ways.

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