Project Ideas

For understanding the ideas behind Flowee, and for people that want to help out
6 minute read

Flowee ships a Hub as well as an assortment of smaller tools. The goal of Flowee is to make it easy for people to create new projects using the platform that Flowee the Hub provides.

As an ecosystem of products, the value goes up as more projects are added. New products can be combined with existing ones and should it make sense the new products provide an interface for other Flowee apps to use.

Here is a list of example projects that would be nice to add to the Flowee family.

Data-warehouse app

The concept of data-warehouse is roughly explained by the idea that a data-warehouse is a database which contains connections or cumulatively data that the core database would take a long time to calculate.

In the Bitcoin world there are a huge amount of connections that can be found between the raw bitcoin blocks and transactions. A simple example is that we can index all bitcoin-addresses used in transactions (p2pkh) and as such provide a fast lookup of that kind of data.

There are tons of other indexes and such lookups that would be useful.

The important thing to realize is that this does not replace the actual data which is stored in the hub. It just provides a view on that data. A faster way to look it up.

Config / Control app

The idea is that this app can connect to unconfigured instances of Flowee apps and duplicate config, duplicate blockchain and it can allow you to direct the log messages into a shared database you can run queries on it to find issues like if one node is substantially slower than others.

Api-As-a-Service (AaaS)

Running Flowee the Hub may be something that individuals or companies can do on their own hardware and this component would supply the underlying API to paying users on the internet.

Users of the Flowee hub can access most blockchain information but only when they have an actual account. An account may be done in many ways, for instance a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go where the amount of queries is counted until you are out of coins. Payment-channels are also an interesting idea.

In short, a proxy on top of Flowee the Hub where people get paid to run a full node by providing the services they provide to paying users.

Statistics module

At the beginning of 2018, Bitcoin Cash is depressingly centralized. There are only a handful of sites showing statistical information about the chain, about mining and any other metric you can think of.

A module that talks to a Hub and generates statistical data of the sort we now find on sites like fork.lol or blockchain.info would be the goal. Ideally the app allows more than a pre-defined set of queries and opens up the blockchain to academics and researchers that want to do more than see the average fee.


The Bitcoin scripting language is much more flexible than most apps currently allow people to use. The idea is to include in the Flowee family a way to create new transactions in an interactive manner. This is mostly meant as a learning tool. The idea is that users can write scripts and see how they work.

Specialized transaction creation. Like date-stamping

An app that has several specialized ways to create a transaction which can be signed and sent to the network.

The most common usecase of special transactions is one where you take a document (like a PDF) and the application creates a hash which is then stored in an op-return type transaction. This provides time-stamping. A proof on the blockchain that at the time of mining that document existed.