Small steps move us forever forward

Showing Progress

Dec 21, 2022

Just before our Christmas holidays, we are happy to announce for immediate release a new beta release of Flowee Pay for Android.

Venturing into Android is an interesting trip, last beta was quite successful in that we received a lot of very valuable bugreports and happy “it just works” reports. People let us know that the approach of not using central servers is working and some happy surprises with regards to the speed were shared with us too.

We heard a lot of people had problems with the camera and a good chunk of the last two weeks since the previous beta were put into making the camera work much smoother. We’d love to hear how this works for people now! On my various test mobile phones the camera experience is much improved.

Naturally many bugs and issues were fixed, but more exciting is that we added various new screens. The number one request was to have a wallet-information screen which allows one to make a backup of the keys and seeds, I’m happy to say this has been added in Beta3.

The transaction-history page now has a popup with details if you tap a specific transaction. A small addition is the ‘font sizing’ configuration option which allows you to set the font size smaller of bigger based on preference. The wallet-selector behavior in the menu is much nicer. We added a “use max” button in the payment screen to send the full wallet content.

Known issues

Its only been 2 weeks since the public release, I believe we made great progress, but issues remain.

  • text editing using the Android virtual keyboard is quite broken. Working with the upstream toolkit people to fix this (link).
  • on some devices the UI doesn’t take the full screen area. Upstream issue.
  • Sometimes unconfirmed transactions do not show up until a block is mined.


There was an unfortunate issue in the Android packaging in beta 2. Result is that today’s release will be seen as a different application by Android.
While this is great to compare the two, it leaves people that may have money on the old version in a bind. To fix that we made a second APK available for this release which upgrades the beta2 release and has the camera fixes and the backup screens for the wallet.

Thank you and have fun out there!