Flowee txVulcano

Test tool: create massive amounts of transactions

One of the main discussion points in 2019 is what technology stack we need in order to handle a massive growth in usage of Bitcoin Cash. Much research has been done and the Flowee suite is probably the most ready when it comes to software architecture and raw power.

In order to test future transaction numbers we wrote the tool now known as txVulcano. As it became a stand-alone application it now is also shipped for external usage. Its main goal is to mine some blocks and then use the block-reward to create new transactions with more outputs than inputs and repeat that until you get really large blocks.

The user can set the target block-size and the tool creates its own private wallet so restarts allow one to continue creating blocks.

As mentioned this is a test tool, specifically this means that the txVulcano connects to an instance of Flowee the Hub which is running in regtest mode. This means that the test doesn’t actually use real money.

If you are curious what size of blocks, or what amount of transactions per second your infrastructure is capable of handling you should try out txVulcano.

Likewise, departments that want to be able to tell their supervisor they have actually tested their setup with a certain amount of transactions per second can now factually do this using txVulcano.