Flowee the Hub

A Bitcoin Cash validator and database

Bitcoin Cash is a new type of money. Learning from the past all the lessons learned needed for sound money have been put into Bitcoin Cash.

The most exciting part of Bitcoin Cash is that it is decentralised as this allows anyone to create new and exciting products with Bitcoin Cash without needing to get a license or contract with a bank or any other financial institution or company.

If you are considering using Bitcoin Cash as more than a consumer, then Flowee is for you.

Flowee ships a list of products and the first and most central is the Hub.

The Hub

Flowee the Hub is a central product that connects to the Internet and actively filters the correct from the incorrect. The real money from the fake and the real customers from the attackers.

Where Bitcoin Cash, as a technology, is trustless, you need Flowee the Hub to do the full set of validations and verification so you know that the data you receive is actually valid and a true statement of fact.

The Hub provides a full record of all transactions made on Bitcoin Cash. Fully validated and actively kept up to date. It will validate and forward any transactions you create and want to send to the Bitcoin network. And last it will provide you with instant updates of other people sending transactions to you via the Bitcoin Cash network.

Additionally the Hub has Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) that other applications use to provide additional functionality. For instance the Indexer provides a search machine for transactions and other relevant data.

You can also write your own software to directly use the Hub’s APIs and in that way have the fastest connection to the Bitcoin network.