JavaScript application development for Flowee

FloweeJS will allow you to do Bitcoin Cash server- or application-software development in JavaScript (NodeJS).

Flowee is a family of products and our goal is to move the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy. FloweeJS works together with various other Flowee products for the fastest and simplest way to build Bitcoin Cash products.

The heavy lifting of validation, keeping a history of all transactions and tracking Bitcoin Cash is delegated to a Hub, and fast lookup of addresses and such is done in Flowee Indexer. FloweeJS connects to them over the Internet and makes their data available for search and retrieval.

A full reference doc of the JavaScript based FloweeJS is available online.

Major features

The FloweeJS project just had its first beta release, the number of APIs that are available will grow over the next months at the product matures.

The main API we provide now is search. And it is probably the most advanced search on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain you will find anywhere.

A high level overview is given here, please refer to the full reference documentation for more details.

var res = Flowee.search([
type: Flowee.Job.FetchTx,
value: txid,
txFilter: [ Flowee.IncludeInputs, Flowee.IncludeOutputs ]

This is the simplest form of search – fetching transaction details based on a transaction-id (the txid variable, above).

There are a couple of unique points to this;


A full reference doc of the JavaScript based FloweeJS is available online.

You can find various example scripts in the git repo.

The NPM site can be found at npmjs.com/package/floweejs