Asked and answered

Which Bitcoin chains will Flowee support?

Flowee is aiming to only support the Bitcoin Cash chain because it doesn’t make sense to build on top of the legacy Bitcoin chain, there is no growth opportunity there, there is no freedom there.

I want to create a proprietary product, for profit. Can I use Flowee?

Yes, you can. Provided you interact with Flowee through its server APIs you can sell or keep secret your code without restrictions.

Flowee is open source and improvements made to it should be shared with the community, we figured that if you can get ahead by using our source-code, it’s only fair to give back.
But if you just run any Flowee product, you are free from such obligations. You can indeed have a hub (or multiple) in your network completely free from any obligations. We want you to succeed in making the Bitcoin ecosystem better, that is our goal. (Legal)

Why do you work on this?

Please see my 2 part explanation on my reasons for working on crypto-currencies and how it can change all of society for the better.
On the path to Freedom of innovation, part 2

How can I help?

I hope others feel this is a worthy goal and are willing to help me out, more people are needed to bring these dreams to reality.

People willing to help out with the code, the website, public relations or anything else you might be good at are welcome.