Asked and answered

Where does the name “Flowee” come from?

When we were brainstorming about the name over a whiteboard with the high level design drawn on it, the thought came that we are talking about a flow of financial data. We designed the products by initially drawing a “flow” of information streaming through the system. A transaction flows from the Internet to the Hub, and then to the Indexer as well as to the webserver which presents it to the user in its own specific way. Each adding some value at each step.

Is Flowee a full node?

In short, yes.

Flowee the Hub is the central component in Flowee and it is a modern equivalent of what other implementers call a “full node”, or “fully validating node”.

Everyone is talking about scaling Bitcoin Cash, what does Flowee do?

As Bitcoin Cash has as its main scaling strategy the increase of the block-size we found it very important to see if we can actually safely scale that way. You might imagine that there are lots of moving parts that work fine for small blocks, but break when you scale them to 250 times their original size.

The codebase from Flowee the Hub initially stems from the Satoshi client, via Core and Classic and became Flowee the Hub.

A long list of boring but core changes have been made that are unique to Flowee and they are needed to make it scale.

The main changes have to do with memory usage. Flowee uses techniques for accessing blocks that doesn’t require the entire block to be in memory. Allowing blocks that are larger than the machines memory to be processed.

The secondary changes (which build on the first) are with regards to parallel processing. Modern CPUs ship with 8 or more cores, the old software could only use one. Flowee the Hub uses all available cores.

Network crawlers don’t see many Flowee nodes, is it used?

Sites that show Bitcoin Cash nodes will only list publicly reachable nodes, for the simple reason that if your node runs on your private network then it is invisible for the outside world.

Flowee products are aimed at professionals that depend on it and need the uptime. And most important, are not really interested in making available their private hardware and bandwidth to anonymous internet users. And the crawlers identify as anonymous internet users.

The direct effect is that deployments of Flowee products are for most users a private matter and can not be tracked by such sites.

Can Flowee be used by miners?

Yes, but we would prefer more testing to be done first, after receiving some mining hardware.

Which Bitcoin chains will Flowee support?

Flowee is aiming to only support the Bitcoin Cash chain because it doesn’t make sense to build on top of the legacy Bitcoin chain, there is no growth opportunity there, there is no freedom there.

I want to create a proprietary product, for profit. Can I use Flowee?

Yes, you can. Provided you interact with Flowee through its server APIs you can sell or keep secret your code without restrictions.

Flowee is open source and improvements made to it should be shared with the community, we figured that if you can get ahead by using our source-code, it’s only fair to give back.

But if you just run any Flowee product, you are free from such obligations. You can indeed have a hub (or multiple) in your network completely free from any obligations. We want you to succeed in making the Bitcoin ecosystem better, that is our goal. (Legal)