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Flowee Pay Documentation

Flowee Pay is a Bitcoin Cash front-end. The main user interface for the majority of people to use Bitcoin Cash.

Flowee Pay is at its core what people refer to as a wallet, a place to hold your funds and you can receive and send them. Because it is a wallet with the private keys stored on the device of the user, it is non-custodial. Nobody at the flowee team has access to users funds at any time.

Plus points

Open access

A good wallet is not easy to build, it will costs a couple of million dollars to create a good one. It may be cheaper if you cut corners and add some central servers to do the heavy lifting. Cheaper at least in the short term, and some are doing that. The risks skyrocket as more such shortcuts are taken. A big company with central servers for its wallets will at one point get the question to ban people from certain countries or censor certain users. At Flowee we feel best when we can honestly be able to say our software doesn’t give anyone that control.

All of Flowee products are open source, now and forever. Because building our ecosystem together makes us all reach the top faster. Our competitors on fiat and other chains are big enough to fight.

Be able to connect to the Bitcoin Cash network using P2PNet

This is the safest, most permissionless and decentralized way of becoming part the Bitcoin Cash financial system.

This always will work flawlessly in Flowee Pay and this gives users the security that they will never be locked-in to a certain brand or a certain company.

People that are in strong need of privacy and security, for instance under certain governments, will choose this method exclusively. Most of us will use this as a fall-back and accept help from Fulcrum servers for faster updates and extra features, at a minor cost to privacy.

Payment Protocol innovation

When a payer and the payee come to an agreement they use a payment protocol to finish the transaction. This is an automated protocol to minimize the user-interaction while at the same time making the payment happen fast and secure.

You might have seen this in action before, a simple QR (barcode) image is used to start this payment protocol.

Bitcoin Cash is in need of a more advanced protocol which can cover many more usecases. The main one that is sub-par today is a payment between two users that are both on a mobile phone. Additionally there are many non-traditional transactions that are currently far to difficult for end-users to actually complete. Making smart-contracts, multi-sig and many exciting ideas just a user nightmare.

Innovation in the payment protocol is needed to automate many new usecases, to provide more security to receivers and have as goal in mind that we need to make Bitcoin Cash consistently easy-to-use in order for it to succeed.

Privacy innovations

When evaluating a wallet it is easy to conclude that it works, while ignoring that a decentralized crypto has inherent privacy challenges. These challenges should be taken from the shoulders of users and solved by Flowee Pay wherever possible.

Flowee Pay today already has several innovations that allows users to have multiple persona’s in the same application. For instance one for online and one for grocery shopping, to solve the problem of connecting a physical location to a person spending online.

Transactions can be built smartly to avoid leaking any data. And naturally we can include technologies like CashFusion to automate users keeping their money anonymous.

Easy to skin and port to new platforms.

Building a good wallet is very expensive, an up-front cost for companies that typically just need one to give users access to their real products. Flowee Pay is a great base in the form of a fully functional application.

This would not be useful unless the user interface, and even the user-experience, can be adjusted for the specific needs.

We use a JavaScript based front-end technology which is known for rapid prototyping and powerful as well as beautiful user interfaces.

Wallet for users, not traders

Our target user group is the individual user. The not overly technical person that benefits from financial services in their payment application.

Many features may be added, but at the core only one Blockchain will be recognized.

Further reading.

  • The Flowee Pay application has a very rigorous separation of code and front-end. This design and the different front-ends are explained on the Front-ends page.
  • The most privacy friendly way to connect to Bitcoin Cash is over the P2P layer. Flowee Pay supports this and more details can be found in the P2P page.
  • Translations of the user interfaces
  • Future features.