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JSON docs about blockchain data

This doc is about the Docker container named “flowee/bitcore-proxy”.

The Bitcore-proxy container requires both a flowee/hub and a flowee/indexer to connect to for its backing data store. The advantage is that containers for bitcore-proxy stay simple and small. No need for any volumes (storage).

As detailed in the overview, it is known to work that you port-forward the API on services like the Hub and Indexer for others to connect to it by nothing but the hosts network address. Either a DNS entry, or a direct IP address. Use this in the FLOWEE_HUB env var below.

A simple setup example:

docker run -e FLOWEE_HUB= -d -p 3000:3000 \
        -e FLOWEE_INDEXER= flowee/bitcore-proxy

Available options (env-vars)

    The hostname or IP and optionally port to connect to the Indexer (see Indexer container)

    The hostname or IP and optionally port to connect to the Hub (see the Hub container)

    Allows you to change the log-level. Recognized options are info, quiet or silent.

    If this env variable is present (any value) the generated JSON will have pretty indenting and linefeeds.