Flowee Bitcore-proxy

A Bitcore (JSON) web-api proxy for Flowee

One of the early products focusing on building infrastructure for Bitcoin was the Bitcore product from Bitpay. They ship a well known web-api that has been the basis of a number of products.

The Flowee Bitcore-proxy aims to be a drop-in-replacement for the old product of the same name. The main difference is that the Flowee Bitcore-proxy has as a backing store just the Flowee main products. The Hub and Indexer.

The Bitpay version of Bitcore takes a lot more diskspace, time and CPU power to run and keep up-to-date. Whereas the Bitcore-proxy can just reuse your existing hub and indexer services.

The main goal of this proxy is thus to bridge the gap for those that run or maintain products using the old bitcore product while they want to move to something more future-proof and stable.