Flowee the Hub — API documentation


RegTest service

Bitcoin Cash has 3 typical chains you can work on. There is the main chain where your coins have real value and experimentation is probably a bad idea. Then there is the testnet which is over 1.2 million blocks and while useful in some cases, its usage for developers of applications and sites is quite limited.

The chain this service deals with is the reg-test chain. The regtest chain is meant for testing without sharing that chain with others. Although you can connect up multiple hubs to share the reg-test chain just fine if you have such needs.

Creating a new block doesn’t require a miner or mining hardware, instead a simple call to Generate creates a new block. As such you can create your own coins by just generating some blocks.

All transaction creation, fetching and similar features are identical to the main chain, and as such you can use all other services like normal.

Please note that reg-test mode is a mode in which you start a Hub. A hub running one chain can not switch to another chain without restart.

The regtest service uses serviceID 4



Generate block will create a new block with all the transactions from the mempool (as much as fits in the mining settings anyway).

The block will auto-generate a coinbase transaction which will send the rewards to the address passed in the request.


The reply will report which blocks have been mined by listing their sha256 formatted blockId.

Notice that if the request had the amount field and the amount was more than 1 then you can expect the same number of BlockHash fields in the answer.